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Forsiden>Interessert i Irland? Og DIGGER å være på leir? :)

Interessert i Irland? Og DIGGER å være på leir? :)

I sommer byr muligheten seg for deg som kunne tenke seg denne kombinasjonen. Hold av datoene 18-25 juli :)

The next EMYC Youth Camp will be held from July 18th until 25th 2015 in Northern Ireland near Bushmills.

WHAT? Worship, Praying, Sports, Adventure, Bible Study, Fun…


Registration will open in mid February. There will be a link to fill in details and it will provide information on how to pay. PAYPAL will be an option for camp payments. If you wish to book flights earlier that it up to the group and this is not a problem.


Cost for camp - three rates. €125, €185, €250.
All these rates are sponsored rates by EMYC.
€185 is the 'actual' cost, €125 is sponsored rate and €250 is sponsoring rate. People should decide themselves where they fit.

Additional Financial Support
If there is need for additional support for flights or conference costs there are funds available. Please contact the person who is organising the trip from your own country.


Bushmills Education Centre Northern Ireland.

This Centre is located in the North of Ireland. @55.204319,-6.526589,15z/data=!4m2!3m1! 1s0x0:0x716e6d0414e254c9


The centre is 60 / 90 minutes drive from the Belfast Airports.
You can find out which airlines fly into the airports by looking at their websites

Belfast City Airport -

Belfast International Airport -

Dublin - If you plan to fly into Dublin then you must travel to Belfast on the AirCoach Bus. This journey will take approximately 2 hours.


Arrivals: If it is possible to book flights to arrive on Saturday morning then please do that. The earlier people arrive the earlier we can get people to the centre to start the programme.

Departures: We ask that you consider booking return flights on the Saturday afternoon where possible. Remember we are approx 90 minutes drive from Belfast airports and A LOT longer from Dublin Airport. We are aware that sometimes there is no option with flights but we ask that where possible you try and be sensible with times.


Bushmills, Northern Ireland
Event Date: 
Saturday, 18 July, 2015 - 13:00 to Saturday, 25 July, 2015 - 13:00
Interessert i Irland? Og DIGGER å være på leir? :)
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